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Ovis pdf-FieldMerge HTTP_Server

Fill in PDF forms automatically from your applications
(Version 7.x - OS: Windows Vista or later, Unix and MacOSX)

With pdf-FieldMerge http-Server you fill in existing PDF forms automatically with data form your applications.

pdf-FieldMerge http-Server package is also targeted at software suppliers that wish to generate individualized PDF forms from their own software applications. Form fields may be filled with data during the merge process, which cannot be altered afterwards, while fields in other parts of the form can be filled out or corrected manually by the user. The advantage of pdf-FieldMerge http-Server is that it produces secure, tamper-proof PDF documents while supporting fields that can be filled out or corrected using Adobes© free Acrobat Reader.

You can integrate the pdf-FieldMerge http-Server software completely into your applications so that it is running unnoticed in background.

pdf-FieldMerge http-Server is the Server Edition of pdf-FieldMerge.

Create a workflow that automatically provides user with a (confirmation) PDF! Streamline mail-merge letters via PDF! Set up efficient customer communications!

 Test HTTP-Server 
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